One of the Many Reasons I Love John Stewart

Just in case you haven’t had a chance to see this…  and then I think I’m off this subject.  I promise.

Wish You Weren’t Here.

I actually saw this around the time it aired, but I’d forgotten about it.  Now it’s hit my sensibilities all over again.

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7 Responses to One of the Many Reasons I Love John Stewart

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  2. Lilacspecs says:

    "Liberal fartbag" heeheeheee. I love Jon Stewart.

  3. Goofball says:

    right on.Never seen him but he sure nails it. Do post more of him 🙂

  4. Jennifer says:

    Steve – thanks for the invitation.Lilac – that was the point I thought was the funniest, as well.Goofball – you haven't seen other Jon Stewart clips? I'll have to send you some.

  5. spot on, and hysterical, as always.

  6. Susan says:

    I thought I hadn’t seen but did…just as funny (& spot on) as when I first did. Lots of friends send me clips, esp. of the ones around this issue as I was an phil/rel (specializing in western religion, which, gasp, choke-includes Islam). It is such a shock for me, since 1980s to see such vitriol in the US about Islam. It still shocks. I was utterly able to separate the attacks from Islam. Even the day it happened & I was packing my bag to evacuate if necessary. I only thought: bin-Laden, it’s bin-Laden. He said they’d do it & here we go. As my (Muslim) friends called, shrieking in disbelief & worried about me, I told them, it’s not going to be that bad a blowback…we’ll see this through.

    Nine years later, I’m beyond ashamed of what’s happened. People have become only more ignorant. I thought I’d be happy to hear non-schooled-in-Islamic folks say words that indicated more than a passing knowledge of such a large part of the world’s population. Wrong-o. Again. Flying words…Sunni, Shi’ite, sharia, halal, etc. They have NO idea about what they speak. I’ve had to block my own father from my email–he spams Glenn Beck stuff. I take it very personally. Someday, I’ll post on why exactly it’s so personal. But until then…it’s good to laugh. Mel Brooks has famously said that he made Springtime for Hitler, precursor to The Producers because it was the worst thing he could possibly think to do to Hitler. Brooks served in the US Army, I believe he was present at one death camp liberation. Anyway, of course he suffered from some anti-Semitism in the Army, too. But the laughter part, the making fun of…he said it gave him a purpose.

    Mel Brooks could’ve produced that Beck rally on Saturday (someone else pointed out, I agree).


  7. I’m so with you on all of this. I’ve long studied many of the world’s religions and the ignorance surrounding Islam just astounds me. OTOH, the ignorance by practitioners of many of their own religions astounds me as well. The points that are “God’s word” versus points that are from the same section of the Bible but are ignored get me absolutely crazy. Loving people is wrong, but wearing jewelry and make-up is okay? Where are the priorities? Yikes.

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